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Bay Audio – Our Services

Your hearing state of health is always our utmost priority which is why we have come up with a series of services that are aimed at providing for your better hearing.

Here is a quick look at what Bay Audio can do for you:

  • The most comprehensive hearing, screening and hearing test Singapore has
  • Hearing aids consultation, fitting and repair
  • Hearing aids testing and after-sale servicing
  • Accessories of hearing aids such as batteries, cleansing spray and drying kit
  • Communication devices for users with hearing challenges
  • Tailor-made ear mould’s, swimming plugs, noise protectors and musician's earplugs

Hearing screening and hearing tests

Our hearing screening incorporates the most efficient and trusted hearing test singapore has that is a simple but accurate first step to understand your hearing health situation. Our unique and friendly screening is operated on a touch-screen or an iPad, which takes only 5 minutes to complete. Instant test result is provided after the screening, after which our staff will explain to you the details of your result and hearing situation. Though easy and fun, it is a meaningful indication to your hearing state of health and overall quality of life.

A full hearing test Singapore based is available to health conscious customers. The less-than-an-hour test is non-invasive and completely painless. We assess each ear’s ability to hear pure tones in a sound-treated environment. Bone conductive hearing check, ear canal examination and hearing health consultation are included in the session. To know and find out more on your hearing health, simply call or book online for an appointment. No doctor referral is necessary.